Public and Employers Liability Insurance

We are covering and protecting you was created to cover your staff in the event that they are harmed or become unwell while operating for your company. It covers the compensation, settlement expenses, and legal fees that a former or temporary worker is entitled to as a result of a sickness or accident incurred while functioning for your firm.

Employers' liability insurance covers the following:

Comprehensive and part-time employees

Health and safety executive

Temporary employees, apprentices, and volunteers

Participants in professional experience or training programmes

Reasons to take our insurance

If a client or a retired requests reimbursement for a work-related illness or injury, public and employers' liability insurance coverage may cover both the settlement amount and legal expenses. Comprehensive and component workers, identity subcontractors, contract employees, apprentices, volunteers, and participants in professional experience or training courses are all covered by workplace problems insurance. It is your job as a firm to ensure your personnel' well-being and security during office hours. If you employ one or more people, you must obtain employers' liability insurance.

Employers' Liability Insurance or public liability and employer could not be required for some businesses, for example those that only employ immediate family members. Although Employers' Liability Insurance is not needed by law in certain situations, many businesses choose it for the financial security it affords.

Employers are liable for their workers' well-being and safety on the job. The Employees' Liability (Compulsory Insurance) Act of 1969 mandates a business to have at least £5 million in medical insurance, with most insurers providing a default of £10 million. Employers' Liability Insurance enables a company to compensate its personnel for mishaps, illness, or death that occur on or off the workplace. A company may face penalties if it does not have current Employers' Liability Insurance coverage that complies with the law and exempt from employers liability insurance.

Protecting your company legally

Public Liability Insurance protects a company from claims made by the general public or other enterprises. While not legally obligatory, it is considered excellent business practise. Let manage your healthcare and family members so you can focus on your business. Our excellent customer service and domain expertise have enabled us to attain unrivalled amounts of client loyalty.

We have offered legal requirement and business cost to our clients for many years and have created a panel of reliable insurers to provide you with enough coverage for a wide range of projects and situations at reasonable pricing. Running a business has major legal duties to your staff, the wider population, and your customers, hence care must be made to secure adequate coverage. We provide conventional and specialist liability insurance policies that cover personal injuries, destruction of private property, and pure economic damage. This includes liability coverage, which covers third-party liability arising from our customers' activities or facilities, as well as product liability insurance, which cover destruction of property or personal harm caused by our customers' goods or labour done.

Even if a corporation makes every effort not to, it may incur a number of unintended liabilities. Even unintended harm or injury to a consumer, for example, might result in a multimillion-dollar litigation against the organisation or a practitioner. Fortunately, there are various liability insurance plans on the market to help one overcome financial loss as a result of such situations.

Employers right and obligations

Employers' liability claim insurance safeguards the proprietor or management of the industry against employee claims. Employees have the right to seek restitution for any losses or injuries experienced as a result of the organisational setting or infrastructure. A worker at a plant, for example, may be injured by the materials he works with, or an employee may get food poisoning from the restaurant cuisine. Such unanticipated situations may necessitate your presence.Employers' liability insurance may protect your staff from such terrible incidents, saving you from large financial outlays and legal difficulties. We are providing you the best employers liability insurance for your organisation.

Our Employers' Liability insurance protects you and your business by paying compensatory damages in the event that an employee becomes ill or injured while working for you. It is legally required for almost all firms in the United Kingdom. Workplace injuries can happen no matter how cautious you are. Employees may be entitled to sue you if they develop a repetitive strain injury or a chronic illness as a result of their work. Compensation payments may be significant, and even if you win the case, you may be obliged to pay expensive legal fees. However, with employers' liability, your insurance takes care of everything, saving you from further costs. Our team has a lot of knowledge and skills to assist you and your business.

Employers' liability insurance protects you from claims made by your employees for diseases or injuries experienced on the job. We all try to make our environments as comfortable as possible, but nothing is predictable. If this happens, your insurance will make sure you don't have to pay large settlement sums out of pocket.



Public liability insurance is one of our popular types of business insurance. It covers you against third party injury or property damage you cause during the course of your work.


That’s a tough one to answer because the cost of your insurance depends on the nature of your work, your cover levels and the size of your business. Businesses that are perceived as higher risk will usually pay a higher policy price. JCB Insurance offer great premiums from a range of insurance companies.


Public Liability insurance protects your legal liability arising from injury or death to third party persons (i.e. people who are not your employees) and damage to their property caused as a result of your work activities.


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