Offshore contractor insurance

Working offshore and away from the mainland is not for everyone. On oil rigs, wind platforms, or substations, professionals who work in the oil, gas, or renewable energy industries must make sure they are adequately protected for the variety of dangers they encounter in their line of work.

Offshore contractor insurance is a type of insurance coverage specifically designed for individuals or companies that work in offshore environments, such as oil rigs, wind farms, or offshore construction sites. It provides protection against financial loss due to accidents, injuries, illnesses, or damage to property or equipment.

The importance of offshore contractor insurance stems from the unique risks associated with working in offshore environments. These risks include harsh weather conditions, dangerous equipment, and the potential for injury or death while working at sea.

The benefits of getting offshore contractor insurance include:

Financial protection: In the event of an accident, injury, or damage to property or equipment, the insurance policy can provide financial coverage to help pay for medical expenses, lost wages, or repair costs.

Peace of mind: Knowing you have insurance coverage can provide peace of mind, especially for those working in high-risk offshore environments.

Compliance: Some offshore clients or companies may require contractors to have insurance coverage as a condition of doing business with them.

Some of the things covered under offshore contractor insurance include:

  • Personal accident coverage
  • Medical expenses
  • Liability coverage
  • Property damage coverage

Note that the specific coverage offered by offshore contractor insurance policies can vary depending on the insurance company and the policy selected.

The features of the public insurance contractor are:

Public responsibility

Almost typically a contractual obligation with a £5 million cap for offshore workers. It shields a company from the costs of defending a claim brought by a customer or a member of the general public who has been hurt or suffered damage to property as a consequence of an accident you have created.

Employers' responsibility

covers the costs of legal counsel and reimbursement that may result from claims filed against your business for employee property damage or bodily harm. Any company with workers must purchase it by law, however it may only be added to a general liability coverage.

customised cover

Safe lifting work, manual labour, work in the heat, and international coverage are just a few of the choices we provide to expand your policy. We could also add on legal costs, professional liability insurance, directors & officers, internet cover, and personal injury insurance.

As a condition of their contracts, almost all offshore energy industry contractors will be required to have Public and Employers Liability insurance.

Due to the highly specialised nature of the offshore working environment, many insurers impose exorbitant charges. has secured highly affordable premiums from underwriters for energy industry contractors in addition to offering insurance for high-risk industries like rope accessibility and rigging. is developed to give energy contractors a simple method to get insurance coverage especially suited for operating both onshore and offshore. This covers professional indemnity insurance, employers liability insurance, and general liability insurance.there are several benefits with us some are:

Certificates & Instant Cover insurance are made to be quickly and easily purchased online, and we instantaneously issue electronic certificates. Additionally, we didn't answer for any of your private details until you approve of the quote.

Coverage of more over 500 trades

Our rules do not apply universally.

Instead, our insurance may be customised to a variety of transactions and contracts, guaranteeing you the proper coverage at competitive prices.

1. Which Insurances do i Need to be a Contractor Offshore?

Every firm is unique, therefore you should evaluate the risks you encounter as a limited company contractor operating offshore in the energy industry in order to select the items you require. When selecting your offshore contractor insurance, you might also want to take the following factors into account:

You should review any contractual obligations since your end customer or agency could have expectations about the degree of indemnification that your cover would provide.

You could be required by law to get employers liability insurance if you employ anybody else, even if it's only your spouse to handle the accounts.

2. why to choose

We have been committed to the contracting sector for more than 20 years, and we have a great reputation for providing good client service and offering rates that are reasonable.

Additionally, whether you call us or get an estimate online, the procedure is quick and simple.

You may obtain coverage even if you make a last-minute purchase at the airport thanks to instant protection.

Email and your online account both offer instant access to documentation.


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